Colin Ross is an architect and artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He established his own practice colinross:workshop in 2011, following diverse experience with both large international practices and smaller design focussed firms. colinross:workshop explores projects of all scales, from furniture and interiors to architecture and urbanism. His experience in design, teaching and as an illustrator over the last twenty years informs a rich and inventive approach. Recent work has been focussed on external environments including public space, green infrastructure and masterplan strategies.


People and place are central to our approach and we create well considered and inventive environments in response to users’ needs and context. We’ve worked on a diverse range of projects including buildings for transport, culture, healthcare, energy, education and workplace.

Liverpool museum.

Noisy Champs - Grand Metro, Paris.

Spylaw Road.


Brisbane Airport.

Urban Design & Interior Design

We design external spaces informed by an understanding of community needs, strategic analysis and collaborative practice. Our work includes concept masterplans, urban and rural infrastructure and public realm proposals. We also design internal spaces, exploring the needs and aspirations of clients in workplace, hospitality, healthcare and private residential.

Guys Hospital.

DCA - Ganghut Installation.

Incheon Airport.


We undertake commissions for visual imagery to introduce built environment proposals or highlight existing contexts. Our work supports design development, presentation and public engagement and with a unique focus on freehand technique can be tailored to particular client needs and timescales.

Gustavo Gili book.

Welsh Energy from Waste.

Commissioned Artwork- portrait gallery.

Hanoi door.


Drawing is at the heart of the workshop’s creative process, the freehand sketch still loved and valued for quick formation of ideas. We think visual communication should be project specific and tailor imagery to most appropriately deliver a project message whether that be a sketch, diagram, cgi or animation.